Why you shouldn’t use every item in your eLearning toolkit

Why you shouldn’t use every item in your eLearning toolkit

A common challenge for eLearning content developers is how to overcome busy slides. One of the best (and most relevant) phrases I have heard when it comes to overcoming this challenge is:   Use the bag of tricks, but don’t abuse the bag of tricks.

Sophisticated authoring tools, such as the award-winning   Articulate  360, offer eLearning developers a whole host of tools to create amazing courses. But just because we can customise every inch of every with slide, with different colours, fonts, animations, interactions and graphics, it doesn’t mean that we should.

So, how do you know when your slide is too busy? Here are some great guidelines that our content developers at   Cursim  tend to stick to:

  • No more than two fonts per slide
  • Stay away from flashing text
  • Avoid slides with too much text and busy backgrounds
  • Don’t be afraid to space out content by adding another slide

Although it might seem counterintuitive to not take advantage of all the tools offered to us, there is such thing as an overloaded slide. Sometimes, our content development skills overwhelm our learners and we lose sight of the purpose of the training course; and the subject matter gets lost in a tangle of mesmerising sliders, screencasts and fonts. Now I know what our expert instructional designers say, “It’s all about engagement!” and it is, but moderation is king. There’s no point creating an eLearning course, if your learners aren’t going to learn from it.

So, if you think your slides might be a little too busy, get some fresh eyes on it – because sometimes we’re too close to our own slides to see the most obvious issues. And if your slides are overloaded, just take a step back and prioritise your interactions and aesthetic decisions by spreading them out over a few different slides.

So, there you have it, our top tips on overcoming crowded slides. If you have any tips you’d like to share, please tweet them to us @OmniplexeLearn – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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