Why Docebo LMS should be the number 1 choice for financial services

Why Docebo LMS should be the number 1 choice for financial services

When it comes to training, many organisations face strict requirements regarding audit trails and regulation compliance. However, financial services face an additional layer on top of these worries; the heightened need to ensure that all information – of customers, colleagues and contacts alike – is kept secure.

Financial organisations must consider   5 key points  when evaluating their learning management system, which are:

  1. Security policies for the end user
  2. Access through a secured connection (HTTPS/SSL certificates)
  3. Network security
  4. Disaster recovery, environmental safeguards and physical access security policies
  5. Third-party certificates

If your LMS is lacking with any of these 5 areas, you might be putting data at risk – and it’s time to look for a new LMS.

Docebo LMS provides a truly secure learning environment, allowing users to make use of   HTTPS protocol to protect data, ensuring that it is encrypted and cannot fall into the wrong hands. Plus, Docebo provides secure and seamless integrations with many third-party solutions including Salesforce, Webex, G Suite by Google, and many more.

Aside from security, there are undoubtedly other needs of financial organisations that a learning management system must meet, including:

  • Easy access to learning: So that learners can access the most up-to-date information at the point of need
  • Advanced reporting: Financial organisations need to report on much more than a learner’s course completion and performance rate to be compliant
  • Engaging and retaining key talent: Employees in the financial services industry have very busy schedules – so an LMS with an intuitive user interface is key

However, despite all of this, persuading senior management that a new LMS is needed can be a tough job. But have no fear, we can help.   The below guide  will explain how Docebo LMS can ensure compliance, security, and of course, expert training, in your financial services organisation.

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