More than a learning management system...

Modern user interface

User interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, for unparalleled user experience.

Custom branding

White-label your learning management system by adding your logo, color scheme, custom layout and domain.

100% cloud, ready-to-go

Launch your eLearning course in minutes to instantly deliver training to users across the globe.


Organize courses and catalogs, distribute learning content across the extended enterprise, track and measure results. Plus a whole lot more.

Advanced reporting

Combine a rich selection of default and custom reports enabling you to easily monitor and track performance.


Docebo applies game design thinking to the learning context to engage users. Create badges or awards that learners can win for achieving goals within the LMS.


Create a beautiful, purposeful LMS: white-label your Docebo LMS by customizing your logo, colors, layout and web domain.

Blended training

Create a full blended training approach: eLearning, classroom, and web conferencing all managed within Docebo.

Certifications and retraining

Create a certification program within Docebo, attained by completing courses, learning plans or approved external activities.


Establish your own eCommerce facility, and sell your own online courses through Docebo, with coupon discounts available where required.


A place where learners and experts join forces to create best practices, curate knowledge resource, and where top performers are recognized by co-workers. (Learn, Coach and Share are exclusively available with the enterprise package.)

Ask the experts:

You’re on the job and have questions, but you can’t find the answers you need from your department’s training materials. Ask the experts – they’re here to help.

Create new knowledge assets:

User-generated exchanges with the experts create knowledge assets that enrich both formal learning courses and knowledge library items.

Track & reward:

As learners and experts work together to create best practices, top performers are recognized by co-workers and rewarded by the organization.


Capture user-generated knowledge, validate it through peer review and share it across the organization. Welcome to the start of your social learning culture. (Learn, Coach and Share are exclusively available with the enterprise package.)

Capture & upload:

Capture video on a mobile recording device, such as your smartphone, tablet or drone, or just select the files from your computer. Then upload that content to a knowledge hub.

Validate through peer review:

Validate content created by colleagues and teammates through an informal peer review process. Edit, curate and publish content to the knowledge library.

Distribute & use:

Categorize, tag and share validated content across the organization by applying it to the appropriate channels, including courses, libraries, and your CMS.

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