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Why choose Omniplex?

We have over 25 years’ experience in enabling thousands of organizations worldwide create beautiful and effective online learning. But we believe it’s our values that truly set us apart from other eLearning solutions providers:

We never stop learning

We’ve had front-row seats to the evolution of eLearning. We have a passion for eLearning, and we couldn’t be happier leading the industry we love.

The customer is paramount

Early on we realized that focusing on the customer was the only way to exceed expectations. And ever since, it’s been the key ingredient for our company’s success.

We embrace innovation

We continue to welcome technology into our business. We source the latest, greatest and most innovative tools, enabling our customers to train learners worldwide.

We strive for excellence

Excellence doesn’t mean growth or healthy profits. For us, it means constantly improving our business, our customer relationships and the community around us.

We give you the shirt off our backs

Our mantra is to always lend a helping hand. We strive to work for the good of the team, community and world. If you need it, we’ll give you the shirt off our backs in a heartbeat.

We share the goods

We want to empower our customers. Rather than creating dependence, we aim for trust. We give you the software, skills, and support you need to create beautiful eLearning, every time.

Our customers agree...

  • “It has been a pleasure working with Omniplex. We appreciate all your guidance, creativity and patience throughout the development process.”

    Jennifer Yarger,

    University of California

Our team

A company is only as good as its people and ours are the best. Passionate. Intelligent. Innovative. Eager to listen and help. So, meet some of the friendly faces that make up the Omniplex team:

  • David Byrne

  • Matthew

  • Jasmine
    Head of Cursim

  • Andrei
    Sales Manager

  • Jennie
    Finance Manager

  • Michelle
    HR Manager

  • Chris
    Financial Controller

  • Tilly
    eLearning Solutions

  • Charlotte
    eLearning Solutions

  • Muhammad
    Content Developer

  • Tanzeel
    Graphic Designer

  • David
    Technical Support

  • Matt
    eLearning Solutions

  • Ellie

  • Lara
    eLearning Solutions

  • Annie
    eLearning Solutions

  • Punam
    Marketing Executive

  • Josh
    Sales Admin

  • Leena

  • Danielle
    Account Executive

  • Shanice
    Account Executive

  • Saffron

  • Chris
    Instructional Designer

  • Aleck
    Content Developer

  • Tom
    Content Developer

  • Amanda
    Junior Quality

  • Issy
    Junior Content

  • Tara
    Junior Content

  • Auste
    eLearning Solutions

  • Dhruvil
    Digital Learning
    Support Engineer

Where to find us

We’re lucky enough to have offices in the UK and China. So, if you fancy paying us a visit, you’ll find us in one of the following locations:

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