Preparing to update your Docebo LMS theme

Preparing to update your Docebo LMS theme

In many cases, the learning management system (LMS) is the foundation of an organisation’s digital learning strategy. So, once it’s set up and working perfectly, it’s very tempting to leave well-alone and avoid anything which may cause changes. And for many, that includes avoiding updating to newer interface versions. But this reluctance to change can cause two issues:

  • You – and your learners – are not receiving the best user experience
  • As with all software, support will eventually stop for the version you’ve become attached to


Docebo LMS is renowned for being a beautiful, user-friendly learning platform, which integrates AI to truly transform the learner experience. Over the past year, Docebo have released several new features and revamped areas of their LMS, and with Docebo 7.8 on the horizon; they have decided to implement the ‘end of life’ date for Docebo 6.9. This date has been set for 31st July 2019 – which means all existing Docebo users will need to move their interface to the 7.0 theme before this date.


How to switch from Docebo 6.9 to 7.0

The good news is, 7.0 is a more modern, intuitive and flexible way of managing your learning platform, and improves learner experience. Follow the steps below to switch your Docebo 6.9 theme to 7.0:


1. Use the ‘Preview’ mode to check the difference between 6.9 and 7.0
There are subtle changes in 7.0. For example, you’ll now find the admin menu in the top right corner of your interface – and you’ll notice a few new items in the admin menu, too.


2. Manage the look & feel of your domain (and all subdomains!)
Customise your header, colours, course player and much more. You can check out this article from Docebo to learn how to configure your new 7.0 theme.


3. Prepare your new pages & menus with Preview mode
Build your platform with customised widget pages, external link pages and menus – allowing you to assign various groups of users, branches, or user levels to each.


4. Rewrite your CSS
CSS is different in the 7.0 theme – so parts of your platform will require new CSS. If you are an ECS customer and you have a sandbox environment – we strongly suggest you try out your new CSS in your sandbox before applying it to your live environment.


5. Check your learner experience
Before activating the 7.0 theme, check your learner experience. The course player experience may appear differently in the 7.0 theme, as it has been enhanced to include a table of contents and the course widgets directly below the player.


6. Transition your APIs
The 6.9 APIs also have a scheduled ‘end of life’ date of 31st July 2019 (the same date as the 6.9 theme). So you should also begin to transition to Docebo’s new set of APIs – you can learn about that here.


7. Prepare your learners
Updating to the 7.0 theme improves the learner experience, but change can scare learners. They may notice a few changes, such as new pages and menus. So, it’s always a good idea to give them a heads up before they see the changes for themselves.


There you have it – you’re ready to go live and experience your new Docebo 7.0. Your Docebo Learning Platform has been updated, and features have been replaced with newer, more innovative functionality*, improving learner (and admin) experience.


*There are a few functionalities that you will not find in the 7.0 theme, including:

  • Catch up courses for ILT-classroom courses
  • The course info widget
  • Top, bottom and side sign-in forms on the log in page
  • The Coaching, Blog, and Labels apps.