Instructional design for eLearning

Learn how to take your courses to the next level with instructional design

Taking your eLearning to the next level

Take a moment to think about the worst eLearning you ever took – then compare it to the best eLearning you have ever experienced.

What was it that made the difference?

Some of the answer will be due to the skill in how the screens were constructed and the authoring tool used. However, most of the difference will be due to an almost hidden ingredient: instructional design.

This training course demystifies instructional design.


Together, in a very practical way, we will look at evidence based learning theory and help you to develop or refine your skill in:

  • Applying learning theory
  • Scoping projects
  • Developing learning outcomes
  • Guidance on making eLearning accessible
  • Applying principles of graphic design to eLearning
  • Developing appropriate assessments
  • Storyboarding
  • Creating effective interactions and activities
  • Using video and audio effectively
  • Conveying principles and facts in engaging ways
  • Generating and maintaining your learners’ motivation
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating your courses

The course is highly practical, full of examples, with many insider tips. You’ll take away resources and templates including our exclusive instructional design guide.

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