Articulate Studio training

Learn everything you need to use Articulate Studio

Learn everything you need to know about Articulate Studio

Articulate Studio is the simple way to create presentation-based eLearning courses. Held at our training office, or at your premises, this two-day training course will teach you how to quickly and easily design and develop effective eLearning presentations, that can be published and delivered to meet a variety of needs and play on a variety of devices.


During this two-day course you will learn how to get the most out of Articulate Studio, resulting in highly-interactive courses.


Day one

Module 1: Introduction to Articulate 360

Module 2: What is Studio 360?

Module 3: Using PowerPoint as an authoring tool

  • Adding content
  • Working with presenter notes and narration
  • Adding animation

Module 4: Importing designs from Content Library

Module 5: Inserting audio

  • Recording and importing audio
  • Using the timeline to synchronise animations
  • Adding annotations

Module 6: Inserting video

Module 7: Designing a player

Module 8: Editing slide properties

Module 9: Publishing your course

Module 10: Using Articulate Review

Module 11: Project management tips


Day two

Module 1: Using Engage 360 to build interactions

  • Slide and tab interactions
  • Adding content and media in Engage 360
  • Formatting your interaction
  • Publishing options

Module 2: Engage practice lab

Module 3: Quizmaker 360

  • Adding a quiz to Presenter 360
  • Working with quiz properties
  • Creating form-based questions
  • Editing a question in slide view
  • Customising a feedback layer
  • Designing free-form questions
  • Importing questions from Excel
  • Working with question groups
  • Editing a results slide
  • Publishing options
  • Editing how your quiz works in Presenter 360

Module 4: Using Quizmaker 360 to build a branched scenario

Module 5: Designing a click and reveal interaction in Presenter 360 

Module 6: Applying new techniques to old content

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