Articulate Storyline training

Learn all about the award-winning authoring tool, Storyline

Learn how to create beautiful and engaging eLearning

During this training course you will be  provided with everything you need to create compelling, highly interactive eLearning modules within Articulate Storyline 360 or Storyline 3 that can be published and delivered to meet a variety of needs and play on a multitude of devices.

From basic slides to conditional triggers and variables, we teach a practical approach to help design complex learning modules. You’ll also get to experiment with creative interactions using dials and sliders and explore the use of motion and shape intersection triggers, that make motion paths the perfect tool for unique presentations and gaming.


All three days of training are interactive; therefore, participants are required to bring a PC (or Mac with Windows) with either Articulate 360 installed or access to the Articulate 360 free trial.  You will also need to connect to our wireless internet network to access the 360 applications. Please confirm this with your own IT department prior to attending the course.


Day one

Module 1: Introduction to Articulate 360

Module 2: User Interface

  • Story view and slide view
  • Undocking/redocking tool panels
  • Preview

Module 3: Building blocks of Storyline

Module 4: Slides

  • Story size
  • Inserting new slides
  • Introduction to Content Library
  • Importing from PowerPoint
  • Slide design & slide notes
  • Text content, animations, transitions, audio and timeline
  • Syncing object to audio
  • Slide properties

Module 5: States

  • Built-in states & character states

Module 6: Layers

  • States vs layers
  • Layers vs slides
  • Creating a layer, layer properties and layer timeline

Module 7: Triggers

  • Adding and editing a trigger
  • Trigger conditions

Module 8: Media content

  • Pictures, screenshot, video, web object, zoom region

Module 9: Additional interactive elements

  • Buttons, button set, hotspots, marker, scrolling panel, mouse

Day two

Module 1: Quizzing

  • Questions: graded, content library quiz, survey and freeform
  • Feedback
  • Quiz features, importing questions, question banks and result slides
  • Remediation with lightboxes

Module 2: Simulations

  • Simulation map and building a simulation

Module 3: Screen recording

  • Recording, inserting and action fine tuning

Module 4: Player design

  • Features, menu, resources and glossary
  • Colours and effects
  • Text labels
  • Player features at the slide level

Module 5: Publish

  • Output
  • Properties
  • Distributing your published courses

Module 6: Articulate Review

  • Publishing to Articulate Review
  • Distribute your published course
  • Working with Articulate Review

Day three

Module 1: Motion paths

  • Motion path options
  • Basic motion and triggering motion
  • Relative start point
  • Orient shape to path
  • Shape intersect triggers

Module 2: Introduction to variables

  • User-defined variables
  • Initialising variables

Module 3: Text variables

  • Reference variables
  • Variables and conditions

Module 4: Number variables

  • Performing calculations with number variables

Module 5: True/false variables 

Module 6: Sliders and dials

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