How Docebo LMS can help pharmaceuticals achieve regulatory compliance

How Docebo LMS can help pharmaceuticals achieve regulatory compliance

From having to keep a detailed audit trail to frequently retraining learners; there are an abundance of challenges faced by organisations in heavily regulated industries. However, due to ever-changing government regulations, pharmaceuticals face a unique challenge in ensuring their learning is always up-to-date and accurate.

The knowledge which pharmaceuticals need to teach their learners (including sales people, product specialists and physicians) changes quickly and often. Learning needs to take place as soon as possible after regulation change, to ensure communication between employees and customers is truthful, informative and based on current regulation. Therefore, traditional methods of learning, such as face-to-face training, are too slow and unsuitable.

Alongside this, pharmaceuticals need to ensure learners have accurately understood the learning content. eLearning undoubtedly overcomes the issue of quickly training a large group of learners quickly. However, accurate assessment and reporting is needed to ensure compliance. eLearning professionals need to ensure that any assessment is crafted to accurately assess if the learner has understood the information. Plus, the LMS used will need to generate a detailed report of your learner’s understanding – to ensure an up-to-date audit trail.

Not all LMS’ will provide pharmaceuticals with relevant tools they need to ensure continuous up-to-date learning and accurate reporting. Download the white paper below to learn how Docebo will enable pharmaceuticals to:

  • Maintain up-to-date training materials
  • Automate retraining and certification programmes
  • Enable sales at scale
  • Simplify record-keeping and automate audit trail
  • Engage and retain key talent

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