‘World Cup-winning’ tips for the best eLearning software selection

So, the football World Cup is finally upon us, and as I write this blog, I along with many millions have been drawn in to the deluded hope of England bringing home the famous trophy for the first time in 48 years. And of course the debate as to whether England have selected their best possible playing squad rages on. We’re all football experts, of course. Myself very much included.

‘Do we have the right blend of youth and experience’, ‘why isn’t so-and-so in the squad?’, ‘he’s the best player for the playing conditions out in Brazil’, are regular office debates currently.

Roy Hodgson, England Head Coach, does have some method behind his selection of playing squad, and actually we can draw some parallels here with selecting the best eLearning software for your organisation. Some of my clients believe that going to a formal Tender process is a sure fire way of selecting the best eLearning software. On paper, we can compare, contrast and select the best. Yes, it can certainly help you identify candidates, but when the software finally comes out on the pitch, it underperforms. Why?

So, what has Roy Hodgson done to try and select the best squad:

Pick your players on form

The top-performers over last season, the award-winners. Start with reviewing the recognised best-of-breed solutions as a yard-stick. Does the product have a track record of quality and innovation? Top award bodies include Brandon Hall , 2013 Winners.

Practice makes perfect

Get some pre-World Cup matches under your belt. Test your players on the pitch. Trialling your software is key. This selection process is all about YOU: the right solutions for your organisation, environment and needs, so you need to be sure of this through trialling. A paper-based selection process isn’t going to help you here. Most software should come with a free trial period. For example Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio ’13 Pro trials are full-product trials, free, and for 30-days.

Back-room staff

Every good football coach needs a trusted and experienced support team behind them. Get talking to eLearning providers, pick their brains, and ask opinions. We’re here to listen and work collaboratively with our clients: let’s find the best solution for your needs, assist and support during your trials, and to share our knowledge. Open webinars and demos are always a good starting point:   eLearning Webinars

The physio

Disaster strikes. How well are you set-up to handle an injury? Will you need on-going technical support during the use of your eLearning software? Do you need local support, and instant availability by e-mail and telephone?


Review the project implementation and project management processes. How involved do you need your eLearning provider to be in the set-up process, and can they demonstrate the skills and experience to ensure a successful launch?

So are these guaranteed success factors? Well, this isn’t the complete process but it will certainly give you a solid head-start to picking the best eLearning solutions for your needs. The preparation has been done, and it’s now time to introduce these chosen solutions into a winning training strategy.

Whether the selection of the England team was right, time will only tell, but the preparation has been pretty good. Perhaps my office sweepstake team will bring me more joy – Portugal – I’m happy with that.

(At time of going to press, Portugal lost their first match 4-0).