Why do I need a Learning Management System?

Do you know what a Learning Management System (LMS) is? If not, you probably don’t know why you need one. But, you do.

So, you’ve created your eLearning course. Now you want to send it out to learners, find out who has completed it and how well they’ve done in the quizzes you’ve included, right? However, something that isn’t always clear is that if you require this information, you will need an LMS.

What are you looking for?

We find that companies tend to require most, if not all, of the features below from an LMS:

  • Information about the number of learners who have completed or not completed a training course (with a percentage)
  • In depth reporting; such as responses to certain questions within a quiz
  • A blended learning approach, with eLearning and face-to-face training

There are a lot of LMS’s out there that claim to be all-singing-all-dancing, which can be daunting, if you don’t know exactly what you need.

Before you look at any LMS, you should think about your needs, the information you want to gather from the LMS and anything else you can think of. Write a list, then search for for a system that ticks all of your boxes.

One thing that you need to remember is to not be put off by pricing; it’s always difficult to part with money when trying something new, especially if you’re not quite sure what you need. So here are the basics:

There are two types of LMS’s out there:

  1. Off-the-shelf
  2. Enterprise


If you require something basic, an off-the-shelf LMS, such as Articulate Online is a great place to start. The main benefit of this type of LMS is that you do not have to wait for the system to be created, all you need to do is purchase it, sign up, then you’re up and running.

A lot of our clients tend to start with an off-the-shelf LMS because of the simplicity; they require an LMS which allows them to enrol learners onto the system, upload courses and gather results from the reports.


There are instances though where you may require more features and functions from an LMS, that an off-the-shelf solution can’t fulfil. If you’re looking for an LMS that can allow a blended learning approach, an enterprise solution, such as Docebo, is more suited to your needs.

Do you sell courses externally?

If you are a training provider that sells courses externally to clients, you will probably require a shopping cart from the LMS. Even though some off-the-shelf LMS’s can provide this they can sometimes require a lot of work to make that happen. Whereas, an enterprise LMS can often have that built in, like Docebo does.

Do you want your learners to feel at home?

One way to do this is to have a specific company branded User Interface (UI) which makes learners feel as though they are part of the company and in the right place for their training. An enterprise LMS gives you the ability to brand your UI and this is the best way to wow internal staff and external clients, to show them what you’re made of.

Is Gamification on the top of your agenda?

Gamification is a great way to get your learners fully engaged with your eLearning course, and can help them immerse into the subject you’re teaching. Gamification encourages friendly competition amongst your learners; creating leaderboards and goals to rank learner’s success. An enterprise LMS will incorporate this, as well as certifications and retraining where needed.

So, now you know what an LMS is, why you need one and the differences between off-the-shelf and enterprise, you’ve probably got a slightly clearer idea of the solution you want.

However, we know how hard this decision making process is and we’re here to help. Get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and we will talk you through the best options to suit your needs.