Unify talent, learning, recruitment and workforce management into one suite with SumTotal

Our partners, SumTotal, a Skillsoft company, have delivered an industry first by bringing together, talent, learning, recruitment and workforce management into one platform.sumtotal ipad.png

SumTotal have released a range of new features and additions to the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite,   all designed to allow organizations of all sizes to measure, understand and maximize the performance of their global workforce, including:

Career planning and job matching

SumTotal have developed advanced algorithms to support internal mobility – encouraging internal development and recommends vacancies to employees, based on their profile and career goals.

Alongside this, SumTotal’s ‘Job and Competency Matching’ service provide a dashboard which highlights areas for development for your learners, both in their current role and their future career.


SumTotal Mobile ensures seamless user experience for mobile learning; allowing learners to download courses to access on-the-go, regardless of location.   This taps into the needs of learners, notably Millennials, and allows them to learn at the point of need. Alongside this, SumTotal have developed the performance feedback facilitates, allowing managers and employees to provide and view feedback through the new SumTotal Mobile app, anywhere, at any time.

Next generation of performance management

The new single dashboard allows employees to easily review, search and filter all feedback. In addition, learners can connect feedback to their development plans; allowing managers to provide feedback to individuals, linking back to specific goals and competencies.

Optimising the learning process

Another addition to SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite is the new powerful content management tools. These allow administrators to easily publish, manage and replace content without having to start from scratch.

Workforce Management

Workforce management enhancements, alongside its new look and feel and single sign on capabilities, allow users to streamline daily schedules and shift changes. Whilst also showing a single timeline for managing and completing tasks.

Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO of Skillsoft, commented that “By bringing all the HCM components into one suite, we are addressing our clients and the market challenges of attracting, retaining, developing and engaging this multi-generational workforce – delivering a state of the market digital technology experience with cutting edge functionality.”

To learn more about SumTotal please contact us, or call us on 08000 850 550 / 857 413 5339 to discuss your requirements.