Three key tips for selecting an LMS

Choosing a new (or your first) learning platform/learning management system (LMS) is a big choice. Your LMS is the hub of all your courses and learning resources. So it’s a big decision to make.
Our friends at Docebo say an LMS’ purpose “is to empower L&D departments with training and development for their learners. So they can continue a company’s growth, success and drive revenue”. That’s a pretty big ambition right?
Therefore, your LMS must be in line with your organisation goals, be reflective of your brand and resonate with your learners. So, to help you make this decision, here are my three top tips:

1. Consider your learners

Your learners are the ones that will be accessing your LMS day in, day out. So put them first in the decision making process. How are they going to use your LMS? Will they only use it at their desk? Or will they use it on-the-go? Do they need motivation to complete courses? Will gamified learning help?
The answer to all these questions will influence your choice of LMS. If your staff are field based, a mobile LMS is a must. A cohort of learners who need a little ‘push’ to complete courses may appreciate an LMS with built in gamification.

2. Don’t be blindsided by ‘cool’

Yes it might be incredibly cool that your LMS is mobile, has auto enrolment or eCommerce. But it’s likely these features come at a premium, and if you aren’t going to use any of it, why buy it?
I am by no means saying avoid these features. Many of the newest, state-of-the-art LMS’ will give you time saving tools, that you didn’t know you needed! But, evaluate if you need them, if you’ll use them, and if they’d really make a difference for your organisation’s digital learning efforts.

3. Future proof your learning

Perhaps a slight contradiction to my last point, but think about your future learners. Just because your current cohort wouldn’t make use of a mobile LMS, that doesn’t mean your future learners won’t. Or, just because you don’t sell courses right now – might it be in your organisation’s future?
Future proof your LMS as much as possible. The cost of changing and LMS is huge, and causes business disruption. So you want to make sure the LMS you select is not only suitable for now – but for way into the future of your organisation’s learning journey.
So, there you have it. My three key tips for selecting your new (or first) LMS. I have, quite deliberately, overlooked some of the essential features of a learning management system. If you want to know what we think are the top 9 features of a great LMS, check out this blog. And if you’re really bewildered about what you need in an LMS, get in touch. One of our eLearning Solutions Consultants will be more than happy to guide you through the process.