Say hello to Storyline 2

Articulate has given the people what they wanted – Storyline 2! Instructional Designers, Content Developers and learners everywhere are rejoicing, their starry eyes fixed on the immense opportunities Storyline 2 has to offer.

In many ways, Storyline 2 is the same industry-leading authoring tool it always has been. But if there ever were any issues, they’ve been addressed and expertly fixed. From the initial opening of the program to the first course you create, it’s obvious that Articulate has stayed true to its goal of bringing beautiful content to life. storyline2_box_shot

So without further ado, here are just a few of the ways Articulate has enhanced this incredible software:

Supports Android and HTML5:

Your learners can view Storyline 2 whenever and wherever they desire. Now supporting Android tablets, learners can view courses on web browsers (HTML5) and the Articulate Mobile Player app. It’s never been easier to view beautiful content in the digital age!

Improved Slider Interaction

Featuring a new Slider Interaction, Storyline 2 offers learners the ability to manipulate data, control objects and navigation, explore cause-and-effect relationships and much, much more.

Introducing: Motion Paths

Storyline 2 has Motion Paths! With 10 unique motion paths to choose from, learners can now start a path from an object’s initial or current position, or even add multiple paths to a single object. They can be triggered using the timeline or by a learner’s actions.

New and Improved Transitions

Transitions are a key factor in retaining that seamless beauty from slide to slide. Storyline 2 has added 11 new transitions, including effects such as direction, better control and the ability to set transition duration in seconds.

New Animations

Storyline 2 adds more animation opportunities! With faster effects, 10 new entrance and exit animations and the ability to set duration in seconds, the best just got better. And now with customizable animation behavior, you can add direction, shape and number of spins to each object.

Updated Triggers

Articulate heard your call for more trigger customization! Now, you can execute a trigger when the timeline reaches a specific time or cue point, or when an animation is complete.

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