Omniplex Juniors Design Masterclass

We’re all about sharing knowledge, innovation and creative design here at Omniplex.

So, for the past two weeks we’ve been running design masterclasses for the next generation of learning design professionals – who we like to dub the Omniplex Juniors! Here’s your chance to catch up on the masterclasses and enter our special Omniplex Juniors competition!


Week 1: Key design principles

Listen back to the recording of part one of the Omniplex Juniors Design Masterclass to learn all about the key design principles; Proximity, Alignment, Repetition, Contrast.


Week 2: Colour!

The second Omniplex Juniors Design Masterclass was all about colour, listen back to the webinar here:


Competition time

Design a poster about “How to make______”

Your Omniplex Junior fills in the rest. That’s right we want posters about how to make anything. It could be ‘How to make a TikTok video’ or ‘How to make a cake’ or even ‘How to make friends’ the possibilities are endless. The only rules is it must be a poster using words and pictures.

To submit, email the below to by Tuesday 5th May:

  1. Your design (a picture will do)
  2. Your name (we need to give you credit)
  3. Your age (to see which category you fall into)

The winner will be announced live in the final webinar of the series on Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 1pm BST. Click here to register!

We can’t wait to see you there!


Hannah Waddams

Marketing Manager

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