LMS Resolutions: Goals to have for your LMS in 2017

As 2016 winds to a close, the idea of resolutions for 2017 are prevalent in our minds. Learning management systems (LMS) are an important contributor to your organizations learning success and a true co-worker – in the sense that you engage with it daily and even converse via its content. It may never ask you for a ride or take you to lunch but it is a dependable and important resource for everyone in your organization.

It is important to review   the benefits of Learning Management Systems, and to check that your LMS is   living up to expectations. This will allow you to appraise and review your learning processes, and make efficient and effective New Year’s resolutions, that are sure to increase productivity and improve your performance next year. However, we all know there are a lot of benefits of LMS’, so we’ve picked out a few to focus on.

3 LMS fundamentals that Omniplex feels make great LMS New Years resolutions are:

1.  Has your LMS streamlined your training process?

Your LMS should be the home of a training overview or calendar that makes life easier for all participants. If you have not outlined and streamlined your training process in a visual format for everyone to access as needed, consider this a valuable resolution that will also reduce the time it takes for participants to understand and process and know what is coming next in their journey.

2. Has your LMS simplified the learning process?

Your LMS is not a place for clutter. An effective LMS filters the materials and simplifies the learning process. Think like a brand-new user. Could you effectively find your materials and begin your courses, with little or no support? This resolution is sometimes best served by a fresh pair of eyes. Consider shadowing a new user (with their permission of course) and see how easy or difficult it is for them to locate their materials and get started.

3. Is your LMS leveraging the technology in the field

Just in time learning is a reality for almost everyone. Does your LMS leverage the technology your teams have available? Picking a responsive theme that is tablet and mobile ready is a great first step in leveraging the tools your workforce is already using. Embracing the technology in the field to expand on the use of your LMS.

Ring in the new year with a few resolutions and give your dependable co-worker, your LMS, a little extra attention.

Are you thinking it’s about time to consider a new LMS? Or are you wondering if your LMS is still fit for purpose? Why not check out our blog “Does your LMS still fit?” or   get in touch  for a free LMS consultation.