Why you should bin your bad Learning Platform, today.

Let’s face it, when you were selecting your Learning Platform our questions were quite rudimentary:
“Will it track completion rates?”
“Can I track my instructor led courses too?”
“Do students get email confirmation when enrolling?”
“Am I able to integrate my other platforms?”
You get the picture. But what modern Learning Platform wouldn’t have these features?
But as the digital learning and technology landscape has grown, we expect a lot more from our Learning Platforms.
Nowadays we need to consider a much wider scope from our LMS. We need to make sure it is a nice place to be. Whilst also ensuring it’s what our learners want. Your modern LMS should include:

A mobile app

I have to admit, I debated whether to include this one in the blog. It is also something that all LMS’ should have, and your learners simply expect.
But I chose to include it because it’s not enough to have any old mobile app available in your LMS. Your mobile learning platform must be slick, modern and echo the apps your learners are familiar with. Think the UX of Netflix, and you’ll be on the right track.


Built-in gamification

When speaking about gamification through an LMS, I’m speaking in its most simple form. Your LMS should include elements to create excitement in learners – such as points, awards, badges and more.
By adding an element of competition to your learning platform, you will increase the extrinsic motivation your learners feel to learning. Which in turn will increase engagement and completion rates – win win!

Social learning

Social learning still feels like a bit of a ‘buzzword’. But it’s not. It’s proven to significantly impact learning. The 70:20:10 framework shows that the majority of our learning comes from social interactions, so why wouldn’t you integrate it to your Learning Platform?

eCommerce functionalities

This may not be essential for all LMS users. But your Learning Platform should have some kind of eCommerce feature. This will allow you to sell online courses; and should make it easy for customers to browse, preview and buy the courses on offer.

If you don’t have any of these features, it’s really time to upgrade your Learning Platform

You can have the best digital learning modules in the world, if you’re housing them in a rubbish, unappealing Learning Platform, your learners won’t participate.
The Learning Platform is the first thing your learners see when taking online learning. It should be truly reflective of both the calibre of your content, and the effort you want your learners to make. Clinging on to a rubbish LMS because it seems like hard work to change, will be truly detrimental to your digital learning success.
Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in 2014, but has been updated for clarity and with fresh new ideas.