Introducing international cut out people for eLearning

Introducing human characters to your eLearning is a great way of increasing engagement and interactivity with your learners. They help to facilitate conversational scenarios and allow you to create learning opportunities based on real-life experiences.

Our partner’s at eLearning Brothers champion the benefits of using cutout characters in eLearning:

“Walking in a crowd, you’ll probably notice that your eye is naturally drawn to the human faces moving in your direction. Whether or not that person is attractive is beside the point. If a perceptible human face is moving in your direction, you’ll often have difficulty averting your gaze.

As a species, we generally have a tendency to pay attention to other human faces. We are social beings, and that means we need to communicate and keep tabs on each other. In more primitive times, being able to judge the expression on someone’s face and where their own attention is focused could mean the difference between life and death.

A   recent study  by Kim Ouwehand, Tamara Van Gog, and Fred Paas published in Educational Technology & Society found that this human tendency can affect eLearning. Believe it or not, the way you use your cutout characters can change the outcome of your course. It’s not quite the life-and-death situation of the past, but a well-used cutout can certainly mean the difference between attention and distraction.” 

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Due to huge demand, eLearning Brothers decided to expand the diversity in their Cutout People library. As one of their key partners, when they asked for our help, we were more than happy to lend a hand. The eLearning Brothers traveled the globe, including China and Mexico, before finding themselves in sunny St. Albans with the Omniplex team. Their journey added over 20,000 brand new cutouts to their library, including some faces you might find familiar:

Do you notice ‘Doctor Andrei’ from any of our events and road shows? Andrei is actually a Business Development Manager here at Omniplex, but we think he makes a pretty convincing doctor.

(Click here  to see all of Andrei’s pictures)

Notice this smiley face from one of our training courses? Helen is our Lead Trainer and eLearning consultant here at Omniplex, I’m sure she’d love to feature in your next eLearning course.

(Click here  to see all of Helen’s pictures)

And how about putting a face to the voice you hear when you call our UK office? Elyse is our Office Administrator here at Omniplex, could she be the face of your next eLearning course?

(see all of Elyse’s pictures,   here)

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