Introducing Articulate 360: It’s a 360° World!

So, have you heard the big news?

What big news?

No, not that big news… THE BIG NEWS!

It’s here, Articulate 360 arrived in the world on Wednesday 9th November 2016 and we have a whole new family of tools to play with, as well as some old friends who have had a makeover. Waiting for the test period to end and being allowed to talk about it has been a long wait. For months I’ve been smiling to myself every time a trainee asked “When’s the new one coming out?”, knowing what was coming and how it will change the Articulate world.

We’ll be looking at 360 quite a lot in the upcoming weeks and months but I wanted to focus on one area, and that’s why would you use Storyline, why would you use Studio and why would you use Rise.

Storyline 360

Storyline 360 is, as Storyline has always been, for creating highly interactive slide-based eLearning.  Creative design, flexible quizzing, screen recordings, triggers and variables – all those great things are still there. There are a couple of new interactive features, some great new trigger controls and some changes to the designer interface but the big development area is in the mobile publishing area. A responsive player and control over the HTML5/Flash output options mean you can create those interactive modules in a more targeted way for more devices than ever before.

Add to that the new Content Library – including realistic illustrated characters – and your slide based courses can be better than ever.

Studio 360

Using the classic PowerPoint authoring environment, the Presenter element of Studio 360 is as flexible as ever with all the benefits of working in tool that is familiar to most people. Updates include improvements to the narration recording environment and the ability to access the same Content Library as Storyline. Engage & Quizmaker are the same as always.

Add to that the same upgraded publishing capability as Storyline 360 and there is no better way to repurpose existing content for you learners.


“Responsive authoring done right” – Adam Schwartz, CEO Articulate

Rise is intended for mobile friendly, responsive eLearning. It moves away from the slide-based real estate of Storyline & Studio and creates content that is specifically designed for the mobile world.

In-browser development gives you a What You See Is What You Get experience that is quick and intuitive to use and content that responds beautifully to the ever-changing mobile environment.

Content blocks or pre-built interactive lessons balance flexibility and extremely rapid development. With simple customization features, Rise is the type of tool that anyone can use and be proud of the result.

So, as expected, the first question I was asked about Articulate 360 was “Why do you need all of those different things?” And my answer: “Every day is different. Pick the tool for the job you need to do today, not the job you did yesterday, not the job you need to do tomorrow. After all, it’s a 360° world”

Want to see all the features of Articulate 360? Check it out here.