Build it – but will they come?

Digital learning becomes a success when your learners are driven to access courses before they are even launched. We use marketing techniques to create hype around learning, promote awareness, and generate excitement and intrigue to whet the appetite of your people for new eLearning.

Digital learning requires real-life theatre to emotionally connect the content to your audience. We will devise a launch campaign to ignite excitement around your learning content which can include movie-like trailers, eLearning mascots and on-site roadshows.

A synergy between the quality of the course and the message of the launch campaign is part of our design ethos for digital learning, and is a key component of making eLearning the most exciting part of your business.

To experience how launch campaign assets can influence and build learner anticipation, view our GDPR eLearning trailer here:



Hannah Waddams

Marketing Manager

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