eLearning solutions with Storyline 2: Importing questions from excel

When I design a piece of eLearning, the most exciting part for me is putting the content together and producing a storyboard. But creating the assessment always makes me groan – It’s when I do my best procrastinating.

The reason for this is because, in the past, I’ve had to use an Excel spreadsheet to design my questions – one column for the question and another for potential answers. The spreadsheet let me view my assessment content as well as tweak my questions until I was happy. It was a simple solution, but it helped me get a dull task done.

And then Articulate Storyline 2 came along…

Storyline 2 includes an Excel import facility for questions! It even provides an Excel template that can be downloaded, saved to your local files and used to easily create assessments in the future. Articulate has thought of everything!

So now you’re starting to fill in the template: You can define the type of question, specific points to allocate, question text and up to 10 answers. You can even use a “|” to define feedback for each answer. And if you’d like to add notes to some of the questions for your own reference, you can use “//” to tell Storyline to ignore the comment.

This is where it gets exciting…

So you have an assessment with 20 questions and you’re ready to build it. In the past, you would’ve had to copy each question from the spreadsheet and paste it into Storyline – But it took forever! With Storyline 2, however, you can just import the entire spreadsheet. I tried it out with my 20 question assessment and was amazed by the speed and ease.

Upon importing, Storyline asks to validate the spreadsheet format and offers an easy-to-read list of any issues which will need to be fixed. For example, I forgot to include a correct answer marker for one question and Storyline prompted me to add it in before I could progress any further.

Once you’ve fixed any errors, a list of questions will appear. This makes it really easy to select which questions you’d like to import. Storyline also lets you choose whether you’d like to add questions to an existing scene or create an entirely new one.

Now you’re ready to edit your slides, format your questions to look just how you want and tweak any necessary settings. The hard work of creating the slides has already been done. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes. Fantastic!

Thanks for reading! And please feel free to leave a comment or question about importing Excel spreadsheets into Storyline 2.