Case study: Empowering students with mobile learning

Engaging millennials in eLearning courses is a challenged faced by many learning professionals. We know millennials want personalised, easily accessible learning resources. So how do you tackle engaging this generation in learning potential sensitive topic?
This was the challenged faced by Beyond the Pill (BTP), when communicating contraceptive choices to students in California.

Who are Beyond the Pill?

Beyond the Pill is a program of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco. They strive to bring the best science to contraceptive care; and build the research foundation to transform clinical care and women’s lives worldwide.


What eLearning challenge did BTP face?

Beyond the Pill need to share impartial, unbiased information to college students. Before contacting Cursim, they conveyed this information through face-to-face presentations. However, they noticed a short-fall in their approach:
  1. The presenters personal opinions could come through in a face-to-face setting. Therefore adding bias to the information conveyed.
  2. Students did not have easy access to the information after the presentation completed.


How did Cursim help BTP overcome this challenge?

Cursim transformed BTP face-to-face training into a short, punchy, engaging eLearning course. They designed the course with mobile usage in mind; ensuring the students could access the information at the point of need.
Justine Swain, one of Cursim’s Instructional Designers, worked on this project. Commenting on the course, she said ” This was a really interesting project to work on. It was important to portray this sensitive subject matter in an engaging way, without detracting from its importance. We formed a true, collaborative partnership with the team at Beyond the Pill, which resulted in a really impactful course.”


Download the case study

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