Does your LMS still fit?

As the seasons change, we are reminded by our wardrobes that time has passed.  Transitions command revisions.  Whether it means putting away your favorite sandals, or finding the perfect winter coat, we all maintain our attire to match the appropriate seasons and our physiques. An article of clothing you loved last year might not fit this year. As a result, you may begrudgingly have to adjust to accommodate the variance.

The same adjustments hold true for your Learning Management System (LMS).

Does your LMS still fit?
Here are some helpful questions that will help determine if your current LMS will still accommodate your upcoming seasons of business.

Is the LMS still the right size?
Organizations can grow or shrink in size fairly rapidly in the current market. Given that an LMS is such an important piece to any organization’s success, be sure to take a moment to evaluate  the physique of your LMS and determine if your solution can scale appropriately.

Having too many people in a system that is overloaded can impair its performance and effectiveness. This may cause you to limit the number of courses or turn away eager participants.

Too few participants in a LMS that is too large for your organization may eat precious budgetary resources that could be better served revising and improving your LMS content or user interface (UI).

Just like clothing, you need an LMS that fits comfortably. No one wants to be seen in something too tight or too large. Make sure your LMS is the correct size so that you can be proud to be seen wearing it as an organization.

Does the LMS still fit your organizational blueprint?
Just like the weather determines what you should wear, your organization’s blueprint and approach will determine if your current LMS provides the tools you need moving forward.

For example, is it responsive? Can the LMS UI accommodate all the devices your teams have available? (E.g. Tablet, Mobile, PC)

If you have a goal to have more engaging content, coaching and gamification, does your LMS provide for and accommodate those activities?

Maybe the LMS still fits but you need to accessorize it with better content.

Articulate software   and   Cursim content development services  can add a little panache to your content and breathe some fresh air into the LMS to make sure your participants stay engaged and informed while reaching your company goals.

Does the LMS still give your organization a swagger?
There is nothing like the perfect suit that just makes you look simply dashing! Finding the right LMS for your company is like finally finding that perfect suit. You swagger when you wear it and your colleagues and customers respond to that satisfaction. Yes, you can make any LMS work but does it make you look good?

Loving the platform you devote so much of your time and resources to and feeling good about it transforms how you approach the courses, content and your participants. If you don’t feel good in it, and look good in it why wear it?

Don’t be afraid to embrace the changing season and explore your options. Finding the LMS that fits is worth cleaning out your closet.

Want to learn more?
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