Be inspired with Docebo

docebo inspire 2I was lucky enough to head to Toronto last week to join our friends and colleagues from Docebo at Docebo Inspire 2018. Docebo Inspire truly lived up to its name, inspiring partners and customers alike, across the two days of this one-of-a-kind event.

Docebo introduced Inspire to the world as the place ‘where passion for innovation fuels learning excellence’, and this passion was paramount through the entire event. Docebo revealed insights into how they are planning to develop their vision over the coming years, and I have to say this is an incredibly exciting time to be partnered with the award-winning LMS.

However, it was the insights into the use of Docebo LMS from a customer perspective that I found most rewarding. A packed room saw speakers from L’Oréal, Hubspot and Mary Kay International describe their use of Docebo. Each had faced their own unique challenges with their learning, but the end results were absolutely outstanding:

  1. Firstly, L’Oréal showcased their learning system, which delivered content to hairdressers, across a plethora of brands, locations and learning styles (so not your usual end users!). The aim of their learning system was to engage, and they certainly met this aim – I think over half the room were ready to take their eLearning courses, on any device, there and then. But above all else, it was certainly the most graphically pleasing learning system I’ve ever seen.
  1. Secondly, Hubspot, a tool we use extensively here at Omniplex, showed us an insight into how they have perfectly mapped their culture into a learning management system. Every channel, learning path, or course, involved a Hub-something or a something-Spot – there’s nothing like good branding to reinforce a learning culture! As for their learner created content, a simple one liner ensuring all learners knew to behave responsibly while using the LMS, allowed heaps of brilliant content to be embedded into the coach and share platform.
  1. Last up was Mary Kay International, who had their own unique challenges in delivering learning, as their content is provided for free to all 3.5 million global sales consultants. However, Mary Kay successfully overcame this challenge, with consultants who had taken the eLearning outperforming non-users by about 40% across the board.

Listening to these three incredible companies speak about how they have transformed their learning with Docebo truly echoed Docebo Inspire’s strapline of ‘where passion for innovation fuels learning excellence’.

My two days at Docebo Inspire were packed with many more networking events, seminars and meetings with the Docebo team. But it is the success stories from L’Oréal, Hubspot and Mary Kay International that truly stuck in my mind. Docebo is a fantastic tool, which is always one step ahead and can truly transform the learning strategies for organisations worldwide.

If you want to see how this incredible tool can change your organisation, book a   1-to-1 demo now  and start your Docebo journey today.