Articulate Storyline 2 workshop – A huge success!

Omniplex’s first Articulate Storyline 2 Training Workshop was a tremendous success! Hosted at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London, the session was accompanied by expert trainers, delicious food and an awe-inspiring backdrop of the cricket pitch.





With attendees representing every major industry, such as Shell and Capita, the range of skills and real-world experience in the room directed discussions on the prospects of Storyline 2 on the eLearning industry. We covered all of the recent enhancements to Articulate’s newly launched Storyline 2 software including upgrades to the interface, the player, animations, quizzes, interactivity and much, much more. Kicking off the first of four Storyline 2 Workshops, it certainly created a lot of excitement for the next three sessions!





We caught up with Lead Trainer   Helen Tyson  and asked her a few questions about the day:

Helen, how was the first Storyline 2 workshop?

The first Storyline 2 workshop was great; the venue, the clients and the software made for a memorable day! We are really excited about bringing the new features of Storyline 2 to the UK.

Who are these workshops designed for, and what makes the workshop different from Storyline 2 Open Enrolment Training?

These workshops are designed for existing Storyline 1 users who have upgraded to Storyline 2, or are looking to do so. You do need a level of comfort with the software to work through the exercises, but most Storyline 1 users will have no problem. The standard Open Enrolment Training looks at the software from the ground up – it is designed for new users. These workshops, however, focus purely on the new features in Storyline 2.


Judging by the feedback we’ve already received from clients, I think it’s safe to say the day was a hit!

If you weren’t able to attend this session, not to worry, because we have plenty more opportunities!