5 ways to boost learner engagement (and ROI) with your LMS

5 ways to boost learner engagement (and ROI) with your LMS

Learner engagement is THE buzzword in today’s eLearning industry and it’s so frequently used because of its importance throughout the entire learning management process.


1) Increase Accessibility

Make it easy for your learners to take your course! Logging into multiple systems, following numerous web links, and opening multiple subfolders can be overlooked obstacles for your learners. Try including a single sign-on to seamlessly transition between systems. A great goal to set is putting your course within two clicks of the sign in. Mobile accessibility can also be an engagement booster. Course compatibility for tablets and phones lets your learners choose their own device.


2) Create a Syllabus

Seeing the end goal and all of the steps laid out lets your learners know exactly what they’ll need to do to satisfy your learning requirements. Create a straightforward list of all of the courses that need to be taken and make sure it’s updated as courses are completed.


3) Promote Interaction

Engaging courses usually offer a wide array of interactive elements and media options. Short quizzes about the material just covered or fill in the blanks are two ways to make sure your learners are absorbing the material. Mixing in a variety of triggered media like video, animated graphics, and audio is a great way to stimulate interactivity because it gives your learners the feeling that they’re in control of their navigation through the material.


4) Communicate With Your Team

Does your communication channel go both ways? Polls and quick surveys are great ways to facilitate critical feedback from your learners. If your course is scored, asking your learners how they felt they did when delivering their results is an effective way of highlighting wins and exposing opportunities for improvements in your course.


5) Incentives & Competition

Boost your learner engagement by providing incentives or encouraging some friendly competition. Group your learners into teams competing for the highest scores or team achievements can often increase engagement by making learning fun. If you think understanding the material has more indirect or long-term benefits for your learners, short-term or immediate incentives for completing the course or scoring in a high percentile can promote learner engagement.


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