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Articulate Storyline 2

Free Storyline 2 Trial

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Storyline 2 gives you more of what’s special about Storyline: simple, powerful features that let you create any interactive course you can imagine, easier and faster than ever. The best just got better.

With Storyline 2, you’ll have:

  • More ways to bring your content to life, so you can keep learners engaged
  • More ways to create exactly what you imagine
  • More ways to boost productivity, so you can create courses faster

Articulate Studio ‘13

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This product runs the creative gamut, complex yet simple, powerful but not intimidating, astounding capabilities yet easy to use. Because it works with PowerPoint, it feels intuitive and familiar, but the results will be unlike anything you’ve created before. Studio ’13 gives you a full range of products to make eLearning from scratch, so whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned designer, there’s something for you. Sound’s perfect, right?

Ease-of-use: Even nontechnical users can create professional, interactive eLearning courses easily, quickly, and affordably.

Perfect integration: All tools in Articulate Studio ’13 work together seamlessly.

Intelligent interaction: Define how learners navigate based on their assessment results.

Increased productivity: Workflow is streamlined and intuitive because eLearning experts have designed every tool from the ground up.

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